Ewan Carruthers.

A man whose health is blighted by depression finds his life falling apart. He moves into a tiny Cumbrian village in the North of England to hide away from the world. He discovers instead an area rich in myths and legends, and becomes fascinated by local stories of an ancient hero of the Britons who lived after the Romans had abandoned this island to its fate. Ewan Caesarius, came to prominence sometime after the Pendragon's disaster at Camlann, when the petty British kings now squabbled amongst them selves, rather than uniting against the invading Angles and Saxons.

Although Ewan's research helps him turn his life around, he is in danger of becoming obsessed by this new-found subject.

One day the local farmer shows him a strangely carved rock that he has turned up while ploughing one of his fields on the hill. This leads to Ewan uncovering a mysterious standing stone in the field.

Suddenly he finds himself transported back in time and fighting for his life. He is, somehow, now living as this ancient hero, thrust into the fight against the Germanic hordes, and battling against perfidious enemies within the Britons themselves.

He is helped in his tasks by the wise Lailoken, revered as a bard, and some say magician and wizard.
Ewan's story encompasses love and hate, friendship and betrayal, war and peace.

This work of fiction draws on the rich heritage of the history of the Britons. Most of the main characters are taken from this history, as are many of the major events. As examples, Caesarius, Lailoken, Urien, Morgan and Taliesin are well known in ancient records. The siege of Ardderyd is recorded as taking place in 573AD. The site is now called Arthuret and lies a few miles north of Carlisle in Cumbria.

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